Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blood and Guts at FHES

Last Wednesday, the Pacific Science Center's "Blood and Guts" Van made a stop at FHES. What a treat! The entire school learned about physiology, explored the skeletal system and followed the path of a red blood cell through the circulatory system. (Check out the photos above) Thank you the San Juan Island EMS and Inter Island Medical Center for underwriting this amazing program. And thank you to Lainey Volk (from the EMS) for helping staff the program. The students had a great time and learned something to boot!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Contest Kick-Off!

We are kicking off our Box Top/King's Receipts/Campbell's Labels Contest. Please continue to send in your King’s receipts and box tops, along with the UPC codes from Campbell’s labels. Every classroom has a designated collection container. At the end of the quarter, the grade level who collected the most receipts, etc., will win a Movie and Popcorn party. To help in this effort, a “make-it-yourself” storage envelope was sent home with the January PTA newsletter, Monday the 12th. Campbell's doesn't require the whole label anymore, just the UPC code. For more information on eligible products go to:http://www.labelsforeducation.com/eligibleproductsEN.aspx. And, for every receipt, box top and UPC code we return to the corresponding businesses, FHES will earn money and products for the school!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Enrichment 2009 Class Lists

Knitting - Ms. Evans Room

Aida Must
Allison Benz
Cameron Sinclair
Emily Cain
Joanna Evans
Jordyn McCutcheon
Payton Malloy
Piper Taylor

Cooking - Kitchen
Ben Dillery
Claire Rathburn
Emma Schroeder
Erich Atwell
Grace Pauls
Grace Shaw
Haven Brizendine
Kiana Woods
Macalister Arendt
Yasmin Laila Sarah

Yoga - Shantaya Yoga

Alex Hayes
Ally MacDiarmid
Brook Ashcraft
Elena Reyes
Hayden Meyer
Iella Parker
John Ogle
Kendra Islam
Maya Bauer
Samantha Finch
Uma Hu

Pottery - Art Room
Grace Ogle
Ian Volk
Jayna Ott
Joely Loucks
Lauren Ayers
Miles Williamson
Owen Minney
Tarka Nicol-McGee
Vida Wight
Zach Fincher

Basketball - Gym
Allie Galt
Charles Sears III
Chase Haws
Cole Hickenbottom
Eli Cooper-West
Jimmy Torres
Keegan Hebert
Kera Kovats
Madison Kincaid
Sean Chevalier
Tia Wilson

Bird Houses -Art Room
Anne Marie Ryan
Anabelle Durgin-Johnson
Bien Phelps
Emmett Carrier
Evan Foley
Jacylyn Domenech
Jordan Lawson
Lucas Chevalier
Megan Wilson
Molly Tangney

Story Plays - Music Room
Ana Giselle Sanabria Velazquez
Annabelle King
Arlin Eva Sanabria Velasquez
Brian Fleming
Bridger Holmes
Darcy Ayers
Ella Mei Hu
Fallon Taylor
Jersie Angel
Julia Keane
Maria Asher
Presley Clark
Savannah Hoffman
Taylor Hollis

Chess -Mr. Westphalen's Room
Cameron Willis
Christopher Hallock
Connor Dederich
Dalton Ayers
Echo Wood
Eric Sable
Griffin Cuomo
Jake Lowe
Jordan Davis
Kyle Jangard
Quinton Warfel
Shaun Gomez
Stanley Patrick
Will Christison-Williamson

Sock Monkeys -Ms. Pasik's Room
Allie Pauls
Catie Ayers
Charlotte Crosby
Danica Islam
Ela Angevine
Gretta Wolf
Isabella Davis
Josephine Crosby
Kenny Hallock
Merritt Deshon
Zoe Calverley
Zoe Wegemer

Bowling - Paradise Lanes
Alen Melic
Andre Matthews
Ava Hoffman
Caleb DelaZerda
Cameron Clarke
Dakota Gabler-Brown
Dylan Allen
Elliott Windrope
Hanson Wakeman
Isaac Mayer
Josiah Wegemer
Justin Moran
Kaden Perez
Liam Cole
Lydia Downs
Mariah Daniher
Midi Thomas
Tanner Wilson
Thomas Deitz
Tommy Hollis
Trey Ellis
Ty Anderson
Wade Swirtz
Weston Warfel

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome Back!

Some fun news from 3rd grade parent Debbi Fincher:

Starting the New Year off with some special purpose is how FHES is getting back to school today. Principal, Gary Pflueger, had an all school assembly to introduce their "Random Acts of Kindness" theme in which paper chains will be made for each Random Act of Kindness a student shows someone else, the name and deed are written on each chain. The hope is to create "a chain reaction" where others will continue to be kind to someone they encounter. As the school year progresses, these "acts of kindness" will be hung throughout the halls as a reminder of the good deeds exchanged in the school. The paper chains are from recycled paper from the County. What a great way to start 2009!