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Lice Issues at FHES

Parents of FHES students:

We have been experiencing a slow-rolling spread of lice at the school
this week, involving both live lice and nits, in various grades.

We have questioned all parents of children with lice; there of course
have been sleep overs, but one thing that has stuck out is that many of
the students who have lice are girls on softball teams, and their
siblings. If you have a child in softball, please make sure that they
have a cap covering their hair when using the batting helmet; better
yet, get her own batting helmet if you can afford it.

We have information at school about lice treatment, which you can have;
you can also email or call me, I am happy to send you files that I have.
If your child gets lice, please do not use the Rid or Nix or Lindane, as
they are neurotoxic, and ineffective. Olive oil, wrap head in saran
wrap, heat with hair dryer for 10 to 20 minutes (don't burn scalp, put
it on and off), then comb out with a nit comb for at least 2 weeks,
twice a day. Check your child every few days to make sure that they do
not have lice.


Martha Sharon, school nurse

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